Environmental Policy / Política Ambiental

GoldQuest Mining Corp. recognizes that maintenance of environmental quality is vital to the Corporation’s existence, progress, and continued development. The Corporation will maintain high environmental standards. We will take positive action to protect the safety of its workers, conserve natural resources, and minimize the impact of its activities on the environment through diligent application of appropriate technology and responsible conduct at all stages of exploration, mine development, mining, mineral processing, decommissioning, and reclamation.

The purpose of GoldQuest’s Safety and Environmental Policy is to provide a measurable framework for the performance of the Corporation’s activities in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring compliance by the Corporation and its employees with all applicable environmental regulations and commitments.

Política Ambiental
GoldQuest Mining Corp, reconoce que mantener la calidad ambiental es vital para la existencia, progreso y continuo desarrollo de la organización. La Corporación mantendrá siempre altos estándares ambientales. Nosotros tomaremos una acción positiva para proteger la seguridad de nuestros empleados, conservar los recursos naturales, y minimizar el impacto de las actividades en el ambiente a través de la aplicación de tecnologías apropiadas y responsabilidad conductual en todas las etapas de exploración, desarrollo de la mina, minado, procesado del mineral y reclamación.

El propósito de Las Políticas de Seguridad y Medio Ambiente de GoldQuest es proporcionar un marco para medir el desempeño de la Corporación en actividades dentro de un ambiente responsable, asegurando el cumplimiento de la Corporación y de sus empleados con todas las normas y compromisos ambientales que apliquen.

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  • Obey the law and conduct all business in an ethical manner.

  • Evaluate, plan, construct, and operate all projects and facilities to reduce adverse environmental impacts and to meet or exceed applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards. In the absence of applicable regulations, the Corporation will apply cost effective best management practices to protect the environment. Require managers of all projects and operations to adhere to the Corporation Environmental Policy and to identify, evaluate, and minimize risks to the environment.

  • Continuously review environmental achievements and technology to seek and implement methods for further improvement.

  • Require all operations to have site specific emergency response plans which meet or exceed all applicable regulations.

  • Conduct regular environmental, health and safety preparedness and emergency response plans to verify compliance with the Corporation’s policy and applicable regulations. Identify revisions or improvements to current practices in order to minimize environmental impacts. Report findings regularly to the Board of Directors.

  • Educate employees in environmental matters and responsibilities relating to performance of their assigned tasks.

  • Foster communication with shareholders, the public, employees, indigenous people and government to enhance understanding of environmental issues affecting the Corporation’s activities.

  • Work pro-actively with government and the public to define environmental priorities. Participate in the development of responsible laws for the protection of the environment.

  • Allocate sufficient resources to meet the Corporation’s environmental goals. Annually assess the projected costs of decommissioning and reclamation to ensure that there will be sufficient cash reserves to pay for these costs upon closure.

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