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Local Drillers mobilizing drillrig
Local drillers setting up drillrig on our Tireo Project
Mapping the Tireo Project
GQC geologist analyzing samples while mapping
Water sampling in the field
Outcrop samples found while mapping
GQC geologist analyzing outcrop samples
GQC geologist working with the TerraSpec device at our core logging facility in Hondo Valle
School & Clinic built by GQC in Hondo Valle
Growing local produce at our base camp
GQCMining The Romero Project is only part of the GQC’s emerging Tireo Mining District in the Dominican Republic. #FindGold
GQCMining RT @robcrowley1260: El #ProyectoRomero prodicira 3 millones de dolares en impuestos locales; transformador para la economia de la provinci…

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